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Removed the MTI-workbench from the store

Not terribly happy right now. I’m getting a lot of flak from people claiming I stole somebody else’s design and this is simply not true. I don’t want to mention the guy right now because:

  1. It’s not true, it’s my own friggin design and I built it from the ground up for my own needs. I don’t care what his looks like. I should be able to do with my OWN design what I damn well want.
  2. He’s rude.

Not sure what to do next.

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Welcome to my store.


So after keeping a blog for quite a few years now at and waaay before that at in which I put everything on from CG (blender 3D), traveling, diving, and most recently, Do-It-Yourself projects (DIY), I decided to put up a store as well where I can put stuff up for sale several people have been asking me for over the years. This is new ground for me, and exciting to say the least. I’ve been planning to start this only once I had everything in place and figured out, but as the saying goes:

You don’t have to get good to get started, you have to get started to get good.

So please bear with me while I figure things out and try and fix whatever kinks there may be. Right now there is only 1 article, the manual for my custom workbench, which is the most recent thing I got asked about. But I have several plans either planned or in the making, and several older projects to either cleanup or remake. I hope for those of you that have enjoyed my ramblings over the years, you will enjoy what you find here as well.

Have a great time,